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Here is an excerpt from Room 2B...                

                Once upon a time, and not too far from here, there was a beautiful and special place called Critter School. Each year, from all across the land, young animals came together to learn. The school was intended for every animal you can imagine, no matter the size or shape, the color or kind. It was a place where they could gather to experiment, explore and discover new things.

 It was a place where animals could try, make mistakes, learn and grow. It was a place where they could build, create, examine, ask questions, and share. It was a place to run, to climb, to stretch and jump, to shout, to whisper, to sing, to have fun, to be silent, and to breathe deep breaths. Critter School was a joyous place for everyone, because everyone fit perfectly there.

But, one year something very strange happened. Something that had never happened before. And it happened in room 2-B.  In room 2-B there were 27 young and scholarly animals. They were an assortment of animals, with lots of energy and lots of ideas. 

All of them arrived at school with things like lunch bags and backpacks and stories to tell. One day, however, two of the younglings came to school bringing something very unusual with them . . . 

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